Boston Biodiversity Talks: Randall Krantz

© Michel Gunther / WWF

Biodiversity Revisited is a collaborative thought leadership process to co-produce a new, integrated five-year research agenda to effectively sustain life on Earth. As part of the Biodiversity Revisited initiative, the Boston Biodiversity Talks took place in May 2019 at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, USA, to begin exploring fresh thinking around biodiversity.

Here, Randall Krantz, Process Facilitator and Member at The Value Web, reflects on observing the signs of human-caused biodiversity loss and how nature systems are human systems (and vice versa). He then suggests how we can change course to benefit people and our environment.

Biodiversity Revisited is an initiative of the Luc Hoffmann Institute, in collaboration with ETH ZürichFuture EarthUniversity of Cambridge Conservation Research InstituteUniversity College London Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research and WWF. The initiative exists thanks to generous funding from the NOMIS Foundation, the MAVA Foundation and WWF International.